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Signing Off The Constellation

    I signed off the Constellation in Fort Lauderdale on January 15 and flew home that night. I had been out on the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Pacific since late May. Back and forth through the Panama Canal. 2 different Celebrity ships - the Century was first. Over 50 ports. Performed for hundreds and hundreds, and made some friends, crew and passengers alike, people from all over the world, Europe and Asia. Lots of folks from the UK and Ireland and Holland. There was a dozen or more Christmas cards from passengers waiting for me when I returned.
       I have been to the Parthenon in Greece, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Pompeii ruins three times; walked up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, cabled up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar; walked through the American Cemetery in Cherbourg, France, and the D-Day landing beach itself; visited twice in the medieval town of Tallinn, Estonia; strolled through a small part of Venice twice; been to a dozen or more 12th and 13th Century churches in Italy and Spain..... And so much more - Lisbon, Portugal; Messina, Sicily; Genoa & Naples, Italy; and Santiago, Spain; and Barcelona a dozen times; Monaco and Villefranche; Dubrovnik and Slip in Croatia; Tenerife...and more. Three, four ports in Mexico including Acapulco. Not to mention the Caribbean.....Seemed like a dozen islands. I think back on all this and I'm amazed, and quite grateful to Providence that I made it through without a scratch, never mind drowning. My only regret is that I didn't have time to record an album to sell. I was constantly being asked.
     On a Mediterranean trip in September I met a budding filmmaker, Edwin, a Dutchman, who asked if I would mind him filming me. Fire away, I said. Fine with me. Besides, it's in my contract. I have to allow it. (Regardless, why would I turn down someone so enamored of my performance that they wanted a video?) A few days after he left the ship I received a You Tube link. He had posted his film there, and for background music he had gone to my web site and found the song BATTLESHIP OF LOVE. He added a little musical backing to my vocal and guitar performance, nothing intrusive. I was amused and a bit flattered. I get a laugh out of the little shuttle craft that pops up when I'm singing the title lyric. Thanks, Edwin!
     Right now: Working on an account of my adventure, a few new songs and some fiction. Preparing to offer CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET as an E-book through Amazon Kindle.
     The documentary MEGAMALL for which I penned a tune should be seeing the light of day sometime soon. It's quite a good film and I'm proud to have had a small part in it.
    I'm lobbying several agents for another line, another ship, and hope to be out there again soon. Maybe the Pacific and the Far East. The last time I was there I was on an oil tanker, the Eagle Voyager.
     I need to keep working. Don't we all!  
     May 2011 be a good'un for all of us.
     All the best,
     Dennis O